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Posted on November 20 2018

I am incredibly proud to finally present the Monarc Jewellery x Renee Stewart collection

Our relationship began earlier this year when we met through a mutual friend in London, proceeding to develop our collaboration over many sessions together at my Old Street studio.  

It was Renee's dance career that influenced and drove our work together. It soon became clear that the meeting point for us lay in the movement and form inherent in both of our creative outlets. Applying these to our sessions, we designed pieces that capture fluidity and dynamism, of poise and a restless spirit.



Renee was born in London, UK and grew up in Los Angeles, CA with her parents Rachel Hunter and Rod Stewart. Coming from a creative family background, Renee started her dance training at the age of seven. In 2013, Renee moved back to the United Kingdom where she studied at the London Contemporary Dance School for three years, graduating with a first BA (Hons) degree.  Renee works mainly as a freelance dance artist, collaborating with established photographers, composers, choreographers, and directors.




Our 7-piece collection features rings, earrings, brooches, lapel pins and necklaces. Each piece is available in sterling silver and gold vermeil. To name the pieces, we selected French nouns that describe the movement or shape that inspired the design. There are three sets within the collection: Courbure, L’Ovale and L’Eau.

Right from the start of this collaboration, we both felt it was hugely important that our pieces transcend age and gender. From brooches to lapel pins, we felt that our designs could be worn and treasured by many, and could be styled in countless ways.

"I had collaborated before through dance, but this was a whole new process for me. Deciding and working out how to capture something as transient and fleeting as movement into solid form was challenging, but so much fun.” - Renee



Renee wears: Courbure Earrings and L'Eau Lapel Pin.

Above: L'Eau Necklace and L'Eau Lapel Pin.


Each piece underwent a rigorous process, from the initial ideas around the key themes of movement and form, through to mood-boarding, sketching, reworking and refining our design concepts, and then on to wax moulds. Once we were happy with these, we had samples cast, adding any final tweaks and adjustments before bringing the completed designs to life.

The collaboration process was fast paced and amazing. I will say that working to a pre-Christmas deadline is no easy feat! Keeping to a strict timeline was made much easier though by the fact that Renee and I are women who both know what we want from our jewellery. 

We’ve combined beautiful materials, master craftsmanship and a strong sartorial focus to create designs that feel both classic and current and above all, lovable.


Renee wears: Courbure Rings (gold vermeil) and Courbure Hoop Earrings (sterling silver).

Above: L'Eau Collar Necklace.


The campaign was photographed by the incredibly talented Sarah Burton, with hair and make-up by my dear friend, the equally amazing Sky Cripps-Jackson.

The collection is lovingly packaged in exclusive Monarc Jewellery x Renee Stewart boxes. As always, packaging and environmental care is synonymous with the Monarc brand. This collaboration is no exception to Monarc’s steadfast commitment to sustainability. Recycled and refined precious metals from Australasia's jewellery industry have been used throughout the collection, and FSC certified cardboard is used for our jewellery boxes and branded packaging.


Shop the collection here.

Follow our collaboration’s onward journey via Renee here, and via Monarc here.

Our interview with TV3's The AM Show here.


Thank you all so much for your support and we hope you love this collection as much as we do! Xx



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