Unum Collection | Launching October 1, 2020


It’s been nearly a year since Monarc launched its most previous collection. Our new one, Unum itself has been much longer in the making.

Together with co-designers Amy Fraser, Christina Macpherson and Zeenat Wilkinson, I am thrilled to finally announce the Unum Collection: a 16-piece series comprised of versatile earrings and necklaces.

Unum is Latin for together or oneness. It is also a nod to its collaborative nature. The idea behind this collection was to have many minds working to create something diverse, to extend ourselves across a range of topics and cultures that inspire us collectively.

From a business sense, I think it’s vital that brands have or add a string of ‘togetherness’ to their bow. To extend beyond a product offering to produce something that’s community or environmentally focused, not purely commerce driven.

The Unum collection offers a playful display of elegance, quirk and loveable forms. Items are hand-carved and handmade in 100% recycled sterling silver, with consideration put into every design detail. Designs combine organic textures with highly polished metals and precious, alluvial white topaz.  


The Unum Mood:

Like all Monarc collections, the aim is to design and strike balance between versatility and timelessness. Unum Collection’s inter-changeable and functional hoops were created around the brief that we often have a favourite pair of wearable earrings that we crave to elevate for different occasions. So, with this in mind, Monarc’s essential collection hoops can be embellished with Maison, Praesidio Shell and Alfil add-ons, transforming an everyday earring to a more dynamic form.

Unum is a purposely small series. Each design can be added to a wearer’s essential style, and through its demi-fine nature, pieces can be cherished and worn for lifetimes to come.


Stay tuned ~ Launching on October 1.

In the meantime, perhaps take a moment to meet Monarc’s co-design partners, if you’re not already acquainted with them and their extensive, awe-inspiring talents. You can connect with them below:


@Fra.Amy – Founder of OKREAL

@ZeenatWilkinson – Founder of Sauce.


Ella Drake x

September 20, 2020