Endless Cruz Hoops. Gold Vermeil


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METAL : Sterling silver and gold vermeil.

STYLE : The Cruz Hoop. Sold as a single or in a pair. Inspired by Hispanic jewellery textures.

The cross charm measures 22mm in length. The endless hoop measures 12mm in diameter.

FINISH : Full polish.

Sleeper hoops are designed to be put in your ear and left in. Here are some little tips to help you get the most out of your everyday hoops:

To open the closure at the top of your hoop, press down gently on the back side of the seam-line with your nail and the hoop will hinge open. Please avoid yanking both sides of the hoop to pull it apart. Once the sleeper hoop is in your ear, it is important to make sure it's fully closed. Confirm that your hoop is completely closed by checking it in the mirror, or ask a friend/boyfriend to take a look.
Our gold vermeil hoops are plated with 2.5 microns of yellow gold, and our silver hoops have a protective rhodium layer. We use a generous coating of gold and rhodium, but it's important to remember that your earrings don't like to go swimming in chlorinated water, or to be exposed to harsh chemicals.

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