These tips will help to keep your jewellery looking as good as new!

It’s only natural that jewellery settles into a softer shine through everyday wear. Items made with precious metals form a warm patina, which is a faint film created through oxidisation over time. Some of us love a subtle patina, while others prefer jewellery to maintain a new-like brilliance.

There are plenty of easy and affordable ways to clean your jewellery at home. Dirt, hand creams and soaps are just a few things that can clog jewellery settings and make stones, chains and pearls appear dull or cloudy. Stones, especially, can hold muck from day-to-day activities, which reduces their shine and sparkle.

By following some key maintenance tips with regular household items, you can keep your jewellery at its best.

So let's get started...  





1. A small bowl with warm water

2. Dishwashing liquid

3. Paper towel or a dry cloth (soft cotton cloth is recommended, such as an old bed sheet)

4. A soft-bristle toothbrush/kiddies toothbrush

5. Optional: Jewellery polishing cloth. Don't use a silver polishing cloth on gold vermeil items



The classic mix of a few drops of dishwashing liquid and warm water is an effective way to clean platinum, gold and silver jewellery. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush or cloth to scrub any tough buildup on the gold/silver and stones.
1. Use mild dishwashing detergent (or soap flakes) with warm water: Mix a cup of warm water in a small bowl with a few drops of dishwashing liquid and pop your piece into the bowl. Leave this to soak for a little bit.  
2. Take your toothbrush (one with soft and kind bristles) and scrub your jewellery gently. If you have a ring with a stone setting, use the bristles to get right under and around the stone setting. The soapy water mixture should have softened any dirt, making it easier for the bristles to dislodge any particles sitting under the surface.
N.b.: Avoid excessive scrubbing. Bit by bit is the key. Gentle brushing is fine for stones other than pearl (just soak and rinse pearl, but don't scrub it).
3. Keep dipping your piece in the soapy water to release the dirt.
4. Once satisfied that all the dirt has been removed, rinse the piece under running warm water until the soapy residue is gone.
5. To dry, pop your jewellery on a paper towel, tissue or soft fabric - the more absorbent, the better. Rub gently dry, et voilà!
6. Optional: If you have a professional polishing cloth, you can give your jewellery a final polish to make the metal shine more. Don't use a silver polishing cloth on gold vermeil items.
This cleaning routine should get your jewellery looking as good as new. However, we do recommend that you examine your jewellery on a regular basis to ensure settings are in shape and clasps are secure. At Monarc, we are happy to maintain and restore Monarc items for you.
With all jewellery, avoid applying makeup, hairspray, lotion or perfume while wearing your jewellery.
Tondo Signet Ring (Sterling Silver), Ellipse Signet Ring (Sterling Silver)
Courbure Ring (Gold Vermeil). Corda Twist Band (9k Gold).
  Courbure Rings (Gold Vermeil) 
September 20, 2020