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BONDED by Monarc


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Dates and times: 

Additional NZ and UK event information to be released here soon. In the meantime, please keep up to date via @monarc_jewellery.


In a bonded session, a fine gold chain is welded together around your wrist by a Monarc professional jeweller (safe and painless). No fastenings and zero maintenance required — it fits so snugly you’ll forget it's even there, and it will shine with you day in, day out!⁠

Being bonded is an experience loaded with symbolism. Think of it as the ultimate friendship bracelet, or a way to commemorate an anniversary, a life change, or perhaps to act as a little reminder to oneself. 


What is the bonding process?

A BONDED by Monarc appointment involves measuring and cutting gold chain to fit a customer’s wrist. Three chain types are offered; classic, modern and diamond-set. The customer (bondee) is seated and the chain then laser-welded, with a quick flash of light. The session concludes with the welded link being polished. The entire process is completely safe and painless, and is carried out by an experienced jeweller.

Please allow up to 25 minutes for your appointment, but the laser zap itself takes less than 1 minute.


What is the price for a BONDED by Monarc session?

Costs begin at $180 (NZD) for a solid 9k chain and the bonding application. Any deposit paid will be deducted from the final payment, which is taken upon completion of each session.

Once the bracelet is bonded on, it’s permanently attached around the wearer’s wrist. The solid gold used for these bracelets is durable and can last a lifetime, which is why we offer gold chains and not silver. The bracelets however can be removed with scissors if needed. BONDED by Monarc chains can be worn through airports and security scan points.


View the chains:

You can view the 9k yellow or white gold, classic and diamond-set chain options here.


Can I buy a BONDED by Monarc session for someone as a gift? 

Yes, absolutely. Please email here. A BONDED by Monarc gift voucher can be posted or sent via email. For now, BONDED by Monarc sessions take place in New Zealand and London, United Kingdom.  


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