Sustainability, Ethics & Our Aboveground Diamonds.


Our Diamonds


"Monarc’s Aboveground Diamond and fine jewellery collections do not compromise social and environmental justices. Aboveground production is boutique, based on modern-day craftsmanship, and upholds the modern tenets of worker’s rights and social responsibility.
From the outset we wanted to create a fine jewellery and commitment-led offering that is more in line with the core values of love and marriage. Monarc’s Aboveground Diamond Collection brings sustainability and transparency to jewellery items that signify some of life's most important moments."
Ella Drake
Founder + Creative Director 




Aboveground diamonds are atomically identical to mined diamonds; the stones grow through the same processes that occur in the Earth’s layers, but unlike mined diamonds, they do not compromise social and environmental justices. Each diamond forms in its own way, with one-of-a-kind inclusions and unique growth patterns. No two diamonds are alike. Each is unique to the core. 


While mined diamonds generally pass through several owners with an origin impossible to trace, aboveground diamonds have transparent provenance. The diamonds we use are 100% traceable and guaranteed to be cartel-free. 


Sustainably created with zero-emission hydropower by our partner located in San Francisco. The Diamond Foundry team re-creates the environment in which nature forms diamonds, bringing us an ethical and sustainable diamond option.

Aboveground diamonds are born from a fiery heat; a plasma of unprecedented energy density is the key step in re-creating the Earth’s ability to host and grow these natural stones. One by one, carbon atoms stack on top of a thin foundation of diamond, extending the unique crystal structure and tetrahedral symmetry inherent in diamonds created by nature. Atom by atom, a stone grows into a pure, jewellery-grade, gem-sized diamond.


A diamond rough is cut and polished into beautifully faceted gems. Monarc Jewellery offers a wide range of cuts to appeal to every taste. Monarc’s Aboveground Commitment Collection diamonds are cut to the highest standards. A GIA Gemologist grades our Aboveground diamonds – this is the final step in the process of preparing each jewellery item for market, and we fully warrant this grading report. That is, you obtain a certificate, not just a lab report. 




Monarc's commitment to the environment is to only use recycled raw materials and limit our footprint by using the latest technology to manufacture in the most environmentally responsible way.

Our precious metals are from a 100% recycled source. We reuse above ground materials already in circulation to produce considered, luxury jewellery. Our precious metal suppliers are renowned for their heritage and the quality of their bullion. These bullion suppliers and refineries are accredited by LBMA's 'London Good Delivery List' and the Responsible Jewellery Council as meeting ethical, human rights, social and environmental standards.

The refining processes of silver, gold, palladium and platinum have been developed with environmental sustainability in mind. Our bullion suppliers' laboratories operate extraction systems with automatic PH dosing. Systems are documented with an Environment Management Plan (EMP), which are frequently monitored and reviewed to comply with stringent protocols and international best practice standards.




At Monarc Jewellery, we are about reducing unnecessary energy consumption, we offer our products and marketing efforts through sustainable resources.

Monarc packages orders in beautiful environmentally friendly paper boxes and renewable and sustainably sourced cellulose film. We operate a strict single-use plastic ban in our international workrooms.

We partner with a local packaging supplier who guarantees responsible production and observance of eco-regulations, we use recycled FSC certified wood as the primary material for our jewellery boxes.

B2C: Our retail delivery boxes keep your parcel safe and are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. We work with freight partners who provide responsible, CO2-neutral delivery options.

B2B: Our wholesale deliveries are packaged in renewable and sustainably sourced cellulose film that is derived from wood pulp originating from managed plantations. This cellulose film carries a number of independent certifications and approvals, including home compostability (OK compost HOME) and marine biodegradation.


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